Marshmallow Cake-tini Cocktail #Drink #Party

Marshmallow Cake-tini Cocktail #Drink #Party

Marshmallow Cake-tini. Not certain about marshmallow mixed vodka...but these are so charming for a bubbly gathering! Must Try!

Marshmallows? Cake? Martini? What's not to like!!!!

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Marshmallow Cake-tini Cocktail #Drink #Party


  • 2 oz marshmallow-infused cake vodka
  • 2 oz cherry soda
  • 1 maraschino cherry


  1. Chill all ingredients.
  2. Pour vodka and soda into a mixing glass - stir.
  3. Pour into martini glass.
  4. Drop cherry in bottom. Enjoy!
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