Raspberry Champagne Float #drink #cocktail

Raspberry Champagne Float #drink #cocktail

Champagne (or cava or prosecco or some other pleasant, dry bubbly that resembles a decent arrangement at the alcohol store) makes any social occasion feel in a flash happy and extravagant. You should simply pop the stopper—or discover a semi-bold, physically fit individual to do it for you—and it's a gathering.

This Raspberry Champagne Float is a simple, wonderful, and fun expansion to any festival! Raspberry sherbet or sorbet finished with champagne. Straightforward and tasty!

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Raspberry Champagne Float #drink #cocktail

Raspberry Champagne Floats. TWO INGREDIENTS! A fun pink dessert-meets-cocktails for your next New Year’s Eve, bachelorette party, bridal shower, or Valentine’s Day.


  • Raspberry sherbet — or sorbet : 1 scoop per person—I used sherbet for the creamier texture, but sorbet is a delicious dairy-free option
  • Champagne — or sparkling wine : about 1/4 cup per person, plus more as desired—I recommend choosing a brut or extra dry
  •  or serving: Fresh raspberries


  1. Place a scoop of sherbet in each glass. 
  2. Top with champagne and fresh raspberries. Enjoy!

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