The Rory Cocktail (a Gilmore Girls “Martini”) #cocktail #drinks

The Rory Cocktail (a Gilmore Girls “Martini”) #cocktail #drinks

The Rory Cocktail is an exceptionally pink beverage, produced using pineapple vodka, grenadine and champagne or prosecco, served in a martini glass with a pink sugar edge! An extremely fun, simple and yummy approach to praise the arrival of Gilmore Girls with mixed drinks and young lady control!!

This Rory Cocktail as the bespoke mixed drink Emily hosted made for Rory's 21st birthday get-together in season 6. The joke was it was excessively sweet, excessively pink and an attack against the martini. However, I said overlook that, I'm going to make this mixed drink and I'm going to make it delectable! Also, I did!

The Rory Cocktail is a pink beverage served in a martini glass, sadly ("they shouldn't be permitted to put only anything into a martini glass. Martinis ought to go into a martini glass. Gin martinis, vodka martinis, period. That is it") yet I like to defy the martini guidelines all things considered, so I'm in support of this phony sweet martini. It's a blend of vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine and champagne.

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The Rory Cocktail (a Gilmore Girls “Martini”) #cocktail #drinks

The Rory Cocktail is a "martini" made with vodka, pineapple, grenadine and champagne or prosecco. It's ridiculously pink and the perfect way to celebrate the return of Gilmore Girls!

For the Pineapple Vodka:

  • 250g (about half a pineapple) pineapple, cut into 1/2" chunks
  • 150ml (4.5oz) vodka
  • For the pink sugar:
  • 2 tbsp granulated or coarse white sugar
  • a few drops of pink food colouring

For the cocktail:

  • 2oz chilled pineapple vodka (or 2oz regular vodka mixed with 1oz pineapple juice)
  • 1/4 tsp grenadine
  • 150ml (4.5oz) chilled champagne or processo

To make pineapple vodka:

  • Put the pineapple in a 2 cup jar. Fill up with vodka. Seal tightly and leave in a cool, dark place to steep for at least one week. Strain through a fine mesh sieve a couple times (or through cheese cloth to make it extra smooth). Store in a sealed bottle/jar.
  • To make the pink sugar:
  • Put the sugar in a ziplock bag or small tupperware, add 2-3 drops of pink colouring. Seal the bag or tupperware and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. Remove any lumps of food colouring left behind.

To make the cocktail:

  1. Run a piece of pineapple (or lemon wedge if you have no pineapple pieces) around the rim of your martini glasses. Spread the pink sugar out on a small plate and dip the rims of the glasses to coat.
  2. Put the pineapple vodka (or vodka and pineapple juice) and grenadine in a cocktail shaker, and give it a couple of shakes. Pour into martini glasses.
  3. Top up with champagne or prosecco
  4. Serve immediately.

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