This sweet and simple to make pineapple punch will be the hit of any gathering! Only 4 basic fixings in addition to new foods grown from the ground trims!

This late spring, chill with a glass of this excellent and alluring pineapple punch! Sweet and invigorating… you'll be having seconds before you know it!

One thing I cherish about this pineapple punch formula, (other than how excellent it is), is the amount you can alter it to your preferences! You can include for all intents and purposes any organic product that you need to the glasses. I picked, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, orange cuts, lime cuts, and pineapple pieces. Fundamentally, every organic product I could get my hands on at the market!

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  • 1 - 12 oz can frozen pineapple juice concentrate thawed
  • 1 - 6 oz can frozen limeade concentrate thawed
  • 4 1/2 cups cold water
  • 1 liter club soda chilled
  • Assorted fruits (such as strawberries raspberries, blueberries, oranges, limes, and pineapple)
  • Garnishes such as fresh mint


  1. Pour thawed pineapple juice concentrate and thawed limeade concentrate in a large pitcher.
  2. Add cold water and most of the club soda, reserving about 1/3 cup.
  3. Stir to combine and chill until cold.
  4. Add ice cubes and assorted fruits to serving glasses and pour in chilled punch.
  5. Garnish as desired and top off glasses with a splash of extra club soda for extra "fizz".

For more detail :

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