Skinny Strawberry Lime Spritzer #summer #drinks

Skinny Strawberry Lime Spritzer #summer #drinks


On account of markets that move new nearby produce rather than imported, I could score a container of the best strawberries of my life.

Ready strawberries pose a flavor like treats and could stop even the most difficult sweet tooth dead in its tracks. Man these were great! Normally I needed to degenerate them with vodka. That is to say, I went to FSU all things considered.

Don't hesitate to sub your most loved wine or shining group of decision for a heavenly beverage that is ideal for a hot bright day! I'm OBSESSED with this light and fruity mixed drink and can hardly wait for y'all to attempt this cheeky strawberry spritzer!

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Skinny Strawberry Lime Spritzer #summer #drinks

This Skinny Strawberry Lime Spritzer is light and fruity, perfect for a hot sunny day!


  • one can of sparkling lime La Croix water
  • 1-2 shots of strawberry vodka chilled
  • as many slices of fresh strawberry and lime as you can fit in the glass!


  1. slosh.
  2. stir.
  3. serve over ice.

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