Frozen Blue Whale #drink #summer

Frozen Blue Whale #drink #summer

I can't trust we are as of now a month into the mid year! They buckled down this year in school, so it has a fabulous time to see them unwind and have a good time. We have just been to an open air water park, went berry picking and have been swimming consistently!

When it comes time for supper, we for the most part flame broil out and make the most of our dinner out on the deck. There is not at all like chomping down on a flame broiled wiener while you tune in to the crickets. After we eat, the children love to pursue fireflies and attempt to get a couple. After they have destroyed themselves, they are prepared for a decent virus drink. There is in no way like my preferred Frozen Blue Whale Recipe. I wager you even have every one of the fixings in your kitchen!

The blue whale is accepted to be the biggest creature to ever live. The core of a blue whale alone weighs 400 pounds.

This solidified Blue Whale formula is the ideal summer drink! Cool, invigorating and very flavorful, appreciate capably on the grounds that these delicious beverages can sneak up on you. Regardless of whether you're tasting by the pool, lake, in your patio or simply the solace of your own house, you're going to cherish these solidified Blue Whales this late spring! Good wishes!

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Frozen Blue Whale #drink #summer

Frozen Blue Whale recipe! This easy summer drink is perfect for porch/pool sippin'! So refreshing and so easy! Cheers!


  • 1 c citrus vodka
  • 1 c blue curacao
  • 2 c lemonade
  • 5-6 c ice cubes
  • 1 lemon


  1. This recipe yields about 4-5 drinks (depending on the size of your glass).
  2. Ice in blender
  3. Add ice to blender.
  4. Citrus vodka pouring into blender with ice
  5. Add citrus vodka.
  6. Blue curaƧao pouring into blender with ice
  7. Add blue curacao.
  8. Lemonade pouring into blender with ice, vodka and blue curacao
  9. Add lemonade.
  10. Blue whale frozen drink blending in blender
  11. Blend.
  12. Frozen Blue Whale drink in tall glasses
  13. Garnish with a slice of lemon and enjoy! Cheers!

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