Perfect Cake Pops #cake #partydessert

Perfect Cake Pops #cake #partydessert

Do you like making cake flies at home in your kitchen? Do you wonder how the experts accomplish that luxurious impeccable look? All things considered, I'm here to share the mystery equation of the Perfect Cake Pop. It is such a great amount of less complex than you might suspect and the outcomes are astounding! I will walk you through each progression and separate it so you at home can accomplish that Perfect Cake Pop you see all over.

Each cake pop begins with a great cake. This progression is clearly significant however I have an approach to remove some season of the procedure. A few bread cooks use circle molds to heat the cake blend in so it's now in a ball shape. I don't like as such since the cake pops winds up being dry inside.

The objective here is to make a consistency of a meatball. You are searching for it to hold together while being compacted however not all that soggy that it just absolutely self-destructs once the cake pop stick gets embedded.

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Perfect Cake Pops #cake #partydessert

Searching for an easy cake pop recipe! Stop looking and read this step by step guide. It really is so easy to make beautiful cake pops. Pinning for later!


  • 1 Foolproof Vanilla Cake
  • 1/4 cup prepared buttercream frosting plus more for mixing, if needed
  • 2 (12 oz.) bags chocolate candy melts save 50 pieces or so of candy melts, set aside
  • 48 cake pop sticks
  • Optional Vegetable Shortening to thin out chocolate candy melts


  1. Bake the cake according to the recipe. Quickly cool down the cake.
  2. Once cooled completely mix together the cake and buttercream frosting in a large bowl. Mix until the consistency is like a meatball. When squeezed together it should stay together but not be so moist that it will fall off the stick when being dipped in the chocolate.
  3. Before melting the chocolate, remove 50 or so candy melts from the bag and set aside for the decorating stage. Begin melting the chocolate in a microwavable bowl or container. Melting in 30-second increments; stir after each time to make sure the chocolate isn’t burning.
  4. Start scooping the cake mixture into a larger tablespoon size balls. Scoop each cake ball onto a piece of parchment or wax paper. Roll each ball till smooth.
  5. Once the chocolate has melted completely, dip the tip of each stick into the chocolate and then into the formed cake ball.
  6. Then dip each cake ball into the chocolate, gently tap the edge of the bowl of the container with the stick to remove the excess of the chocolate off the cake pop.
  7. Before placing the cake pop right onto the parchment or wax paper, place the round candy melt on the paper and then place the dipped cake pop onto the candy melt. Hold the stick straight up and hold for a minute to make sure the pop has adhered to the candy melt.
  8. Continue to dip each cake pop into the chocolate and place onto the candy melts. This step is so important for achieving a clean bottom of the cake pop.
  9. Once all the pops have been dipped, now you can decorate! They are now ready to eat!

Recipe Notes
Notes: If the chocolate is too thick and is warm enough then add 1 teaspoon of vegetable shortening to the chocolate candy melts.

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