Easy Whiskey Lemonade #summer #drinks

Easy Whiskey Lemonade #summer #drinks

Whiskey Lemonade is one of our preferred whiskey blended beverages to serve up in the spring and summer. Reviving, cold, thus easy to make. Two fixings are all you requirement for this bourbon and lemonade blended beverage. I bourbon drink that is matched with sweet lemonade, for that tart and sweet part.

This bourbon mixed drink is ideal for summer picnics, Memorial Day engaging or only for a loosening up night at home following a long work week. Be that as it may or at whatever point you make this beverage, you will express gratitude toward me! This bourbon drink truly takes minutes to make!

Locally acquired or custom made lemonade will work for your lemonade and bourbon blended beverage! It is about what you like. Don't hesitate to try and play with enhanced lemonades for included layers of flavor!

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Easy Whiskey Lemonade #summer #drinks

Whiskey Lemonade is tart, sweet, and refreshing. Easy to make, and great for summer cookouts.


  • 1 shot whiskey
  • 6 ounces lemonade


  1. Grab a cup and toss some ice in it, and then pour in a shot of whiskey.
  2. Then pour over lemonade to blend, and give a good stir. Serve and enjoy.

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