Moscato Lemonade #drinks #cocktails

Moscato Lemonade #drinks #cocktails

Summer implies lemonade and we believe it's best when it's beautiful in pink! We have a Moscato Lemonade ideal for preparing ahead for a simple day in the terrace with companions. You will have a hard time believing how snappy and heavenly it is!

This lemonade formula is made with new succulent lemons, and heaps of moscato… Let me state that once more LOTS of pink moscato! So be cautious when you're drinking this pink moscato lemonade. It tastes so great, that you will need to an ever increasing extent. You'll absolutely overlook that there's wine in there, and the before you know it you're blasted. It transpires all the darn time. I can never have only one glass.

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Moscato Lemonade #drinks #cocktails

Get ready to wow your tastebuds with this sweet and citrusy Moscato pink lemonade recipe.


  • A pitcher
  • Lots of ice
  • 3 Cups The Naked Grape Moscato
  • 6 Cups Pink lemonade
  • Sliced lemon and strawberries
  • Optional: strawberry vodka


  1. Pop ice into a pitcher
  2. Drop in lemon and strawberry slices
  3. Fill with The Naked Grape Moscato and pink lemonade, adjusting mix to taste
  4. Garnish glasses with lemon and strawberry slices if you're feeling fancy
  5. Optional: add a splash of strawberry vodka for an extra kick of strawberry-flavored goodness
  6. TIP -- a 2:1 ratio is a good rule of thumb

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