Healthy Blueberry Keto Fat Bombs #healthy #snacks

Healthy Blueberry Keto Fat Bombs #healthy #snacks

I'm not an individual who likes to gloat at everything except… take a gander at the stunning shade of these sound blueberry keto fat bombs! It nearly looks counterfeit, isn't that right?

In any case, I swear, this shading is genuine and all characteristic! No compound nourishment colorings, no enchantment deceives in Photoshop. It's simply the unadulterated excellence of nature.

On the off chance that you don't trust me, try them and you can see it yourself. What's more, there's another motivation behind why you should make this recipe: they're overly scrumptious. Goodness, and they're overly solid as well! Goodness, and high in cell reinforcements. Goodness, and it's anything but difficult to make them paleo and veggie lover with little adjustments.

In any case, genuinely, I'm fixated on these little folks. They're one of my outright most loved keto fat bombs to make nowadays. When they contact your mouth it gets loaded up with a rich blueberry taste – so on the off chance that you like blueberries, this is the correct treat for you! Also, with just 1g net carbs per ball, they're 100% appropriate for the ketogenic diet.

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Healthy Blueberry Keto Fat Bombs #healthy #snacks #keto #glutenfree #vegetarian

Solid Blueberry Keto Fat Bombs! Don't they look totally perfect? No Nourishment shading or Photoshop utilized, just regular blueberry goodness. Very Simple Keto Snacks Thought.


  • 3.50 oz (100g) blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  •  2 tbsp (0.6oz/16g) finely ground almond flour
  •  2 tbsp (1oz/28g) granulated erythritol
  •  2 tbsp (0.9oz/26g) softened butter/ suitable fat substitute
  •  1 tsp lemon juice
  • Coating:
  •  granulated erythritol


  1. Heat the blueberries in a non-sticking pot on low to medium heat.
  2. Let the blueberries simmer for approx. 10-15 minutes until most of the liquid has dissolved.
  3. Stir now and then while they simmer.
  4. Add the blueberries, almond flour and erythritol to a food processor and blend until everything is combined fully. The blending process will make sure that you won't bite into "chunks" of blueberry while eating the blueberry fat bombs.
  5. If you don't mind the chunks you can also go ahead and mix everything without blending it in a food processor!
  6. Transfer the blueberry fat bomb mass from your food processor into a middle-sized bowl and add the butter as well as the lemon juice.
  7. Stir the ingredients until you get a smooth & beautiful, purple mass.
  8. To fully combine the softened butter with the rest of the ingredients, I recommend pressing the backside of the spoon against the "wall" of the bowl while you stir.
  9. Imagine using the spoon as if you were to apply the fat bomb mass with a spatula.
  10. Chill in the freezer for approx. 10-15 minutes for easier forming of the balls.
  11. Take the mass out of the freezer and form small balls using your hands. Roll the balls in granulated erythritol.
  12. Chill in the fridge for approx. 1 hour before consuming them. Store them covered with plastic wrap in your fridge for approx. 2-3 days.

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