Ginger Peach Moscow Mule #drinks #alcohol

Ginger Peach Moscow Mule #drinks #alcohol

A scrumptious curve on the great Moscow Donkey recipe! Made with only a couple of straightforward fixings, this Ginger Peach Moscow Donkey consolidates the cool, fresh kinds of ginger lager with new peaches. Good health!

They are as sweet as treat, and ideal for adding to these chilly, fresh Ginger Peach Moscow Donkey. Much like the exemplary moscow donkey recipe, these donkeys are made with ginger brew and lime juice. Including some new peach juice or nectar, is the ideal method to transform this exemplary mixed drink into a stunning mid year drink!

With a touch of testing, Cost joined the ginger lager, vodka and included lime and accordingly, concocted the Moscow donkey recipe, served in a frigid copper mug. The rest is mixed drink history. You would now be able to discover copper mugs at pretty much any retailer that sells supper product and drink product. Online retailers are also a definite fire approach to locate some pretty copper mugs for drinking these Moscow Donkeys.

I set a peach cut and bent lime cut onto a mixed drink stick, be that as it may, don't hesitate to include these directly into the mixed drink for extra flavor. This cool, fresh mixed drink is ideal for appreciating on a warm summer evening. Incredible for kicking back on your porch or deck in the wake of a monotonous day, and ideal for getting a charge out of as a pre-supper mixed drink. Cheers, my companions!

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Ginger Peach Moscow Mule #drinks #alcohol #party #summer #refreshing

This Ginger Peach Moscow Mule combines the cold, crisp flavors of ginger beer with fresh peaches. Cheers!


  • 1/4 c. peach nectar or juice
  • 1/4 c. ginger beer
  • 2 oz. (2 shots) good quality vodka
  • 1/2 oz. lime juice (juice of 1/2 lime)
  • Crushed ice
  • Garnish:
  • Lime slices
  • Peach slices

  1. Fill a copper mug with crushed ice. Pour in the peach juice and ginger beer. Add in the vodka and lime juice. Top with lime and peach slices, if desired! Enjoy right away while cold.

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