Pepperoni Chips #keto #snacks

Pepperoni Chips #keto #snacks

I've generally been an impulsive snacker. It's the means by which I get past my day. I'll as a rule avoid through lunch so I can have all the more a carb allotment to snacks. That is the place the requirement for these delicious pepperoni chips came in.

Be that as it may, rather than passing up lunch, I chose to try something all the more low carb well disposed. That is the point at which I saw a sack of pepperonis in the refrigerator to make these delightful pepperoni chips. These pepperoni chips are a speedy and fresh. Served consummately as bite or canapé.

Trust me when I reveal to you that you won't have the option to quit eating these. What's more, the best part about these is that they are so natural to make! Just pepperonis, paper towels, microwave and 1-3 minutes. At that point you'll be left with fresh flawlessness.

These pepperoni chips hold up truly well so you can serve them up with plunge. I like to have them with salsa however they also taste incredible with artichoke plunge and queso.

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Pepperoni Chips #keto #snacks #lowcarb #fingerfood #diet

Low Carb Chips - A brisk tidbit that is unbelievably crunchy, firm and compelling!

  • 1 package of regular or turkey pepperonis


  1. Layer two paper towels and place as many pepperonis on top of it as desired, making sure they don't overlap. Cover with an additional paper towel.
  2. Microwave the pepperonis until they are stiff and crispy, usually no more than 1 minute.
  3. Repeat the entire process for additional pepperoni chips. Serve with low carb dip or even my favorite, salsa!

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