Fermented Honey Garlic Recipe #healthy #herbal

Fermented Honey Garlic Recipe #healthy #herbal

This resistant boosting aged nectar garlic is the ideal first formula for apprentice botanists. Both nectar and garlic have solid restorative properties, so you'll need to have this home cure close by for cold and influenza season.

It's likewise a smart thought to delicately turn your container over like clockwork, or at whatever point you consider it, to ensure that the entirety of the garlic get covered with nectar. Screw the cover on firmly before you do this! At that point return it to it's upstanding position and re-slacken the cover.

The nectar garlic will age for about a month, however you can truly eat it whenever. The flavor will keep on creating after some time, the garlic will smooth, and the nectar will turn out to be a lot runnier. It will store well in a cool spot for a long time, if not longer.

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Fermented Honey Garlic Recipe #healthy #herbal


  • 1 cup whole garlic cloves slightly crushed
  • 1 cup raw honey or more, as needed to cover garlic


  1. Place the peeled garlic cloves into a wide-mouth pint sized mason jar. Add enough honey to completely cover the garlic cloves.
  2. Place the lid on the jar loosely, then tuck into a dark place.
  3. Flip the jar every few days. Be sure to tighten the lid before doing so! Loosen the lid when you return it to the upright position. 
  4. Within a few days, you should see bubbles start to form. Ferment for up to 1 month, then store at room temperature for up to a year. 

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