CHRISTMAS JELLO #desserts #simplerecipes

CHRISTMAS JELLO #desserts #simplerecipes

These Christmas Jell-O Cups are so unbelievably easy to make for your Christmas parties and social affairs. Two boxes of Jell-O and some whipped fixing is all that is required. Too cheap and extraordinary for nourishing a group.

Christmas gatherings and family social affairs are practically around the bend. We will make loads of red and green treats at our home.

My whole family adores Jello. I like that Jello is so natural to make thus overly cheap. This cluster I made on Tuesday is as of now gone. The entirety of the kiddos and hubby were prepared for me to be finished taking pictures so they could appreciate a couple.

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CHRISTMAS JELLO #desserts #simplerecipes


  • 1 Strawberry Jell-O Gelatin 3 oz
  • 1 Lime Jell-O Gelatin 3 oz
  • 8 oz thawed Cool Whip
  • 2 cup boiling Water
  • 2 cup cold Water
  • Christmas Decorations


  1. If you can find tall shot glasses they will work best, but any clear glass will do.
  2. Place strawberry gelatin in a bowl and add 1 cup boiling water.
  3. Stir well until dissolved.
  4. Add 1 cup cold water.
  5. Fill each glass about 1/2 full of gelatin and place in refrigerator until set.
  6. Place lime gelatin in a bowl and add 1 cup boiling water.
  7. Stir well until dissolved.
  8. Add 1 cup cold water.
  9. Fill each glass that contains the previously set strawberry gelatin with of lime gelatin until nearly full.
  10. Place in refrigerator until set.
  11. Top each portion with whipped topping and garnish with Christmas decorations.
  12. Refrigerate until ready to serve

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