Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Frosting #desserts #sweets

 This Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Frosting formula is ideal for your next home made or locally acquired cake or cupcakes for your next treat! 

This Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Frosting formula is a pleasant wind on an essential thought. Greek Yogurt gives this icing an equalization to something that is ordinarily truly sweet. 

This is shockingly a straightforward formula for icing to make. I believe that the Greek Yogurt gives this icing a sudden tang that you don't get from other icing plans.

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Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Frosting #desserts #sweets #frosting #yogurt #cake


  • 2 Cups Greek Yogurt -Strained 
  • 1 Cup Sugar Free Powdered Sugar - See post for details 
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract - See post for alternatives 


  1. If not already strained, strain your yogurt. Simply place a strainer in a bowl or cup. Line the strainer with cheesecloth, a coffee filter, or sturdy paper towel. Fill the lined strainer with your yogurt and cover. Allow this to drain overnight. For best results, strain the yogurt. However, you can simply use an 8 ounce flavored yogurt and omit the vanilla extract (it’s a cheat).
  2. Using an electric mixer and a large mixing bowl, blend together the yogurt, sugar free powdered sugar and the vanilla extract. Start on a low speed and work your way up to a high speed when the ingredients begin to blend. Beat until smooth.
  3. If your frosting seems too thin you can add milk to the mixing bowl a teaspoon at a time until your reach your consistency. However, if your frosting is too thin for your needs you can add additional sugar free powdered sugar or cream cheese as needed
  4. Refrigerate this frosting and anything that it is used with. For best results, after frosting your cakes or cupcakes with this yogurt frosting, refrigerate them in a covered container such as a cake container or cupcake container.

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